In over 50 years serving in Canada, Power to Change has identified the need for diverse and innovative evangelistic strategies. We want to update our brand to be bolder and more inspiring in the current Canadian context for it to better represent our diverse group of ministries and initiatives.  

We took inspiration from Cru USA’s move to a simple clean wordmark, while also making sure to have a unique identity and bold appearance.     

Our goal is to create a simpler Power to Change wordmark that feels fresh and is simple enough to work seamlessly with our other logos.   

The more prominent P2C moves the brand to better align with our URL ( and it has naturally become the short name when referring to our organization. This is especially the case in the Student ministry who often just call themselves P2C-Students. It’s short, memorable, and works in French and English. The way that people say your name, and the URL you use, are two of the most common brand exposures. Therefore, it makes sense for our visual look to reflect this to improve brand consistency. 

The form of the logo allows for P2C-Students to easily adapt their brand to the new look to maintain visual consistency. The ‘P’ shape in the new logo has a subtle ‘cross’ imagery that communicates the core purpose of our brand while being clean and well-integrated into the visual wordmark. It is important that people unfamiliar with our brand recognize us as boldly Christian. We think this logo does that in a simple and effective way.